What Is Rakeback?

Almost everyone has heard of the term ‘Bankroll Management’ and yet, very few people are actually taking the steps required to implement this simple yet important formula.

In my time as a poker player, I have met many ‘experts’ who claim to have a sound and effective poker strategy, yet they are always leaving money on the table. How? By utilizing rakeback deals, you can make the difference to your bottom line every month.

What is Rakeback?

To understand what Rakeback is, we need to first understand how poker rooms make their money. Poker rooms make their money by handing out the prize money for playing in the tournaments and cash games. The money that is given to the player is called the rake. The rake that is paid to the poker room is usually a minute franking fee assessed by the poker room. However, some poker rooms can also take a percentage of the money that you contribute in pot. This is known as rakeback.

When you sign up with a poker site through an affiliate, you are given a certain amount of credit which can be used to acquire ‘free’ credits. These ‘free’ credits can be used to improve a player’s poker account. The additional credits that are given can be exchanged for more poker books, additional poker strategy videos or even poker branded clothing items.

What is Rakeback and How Does it Work?

When you sign up with a poker site through an affiliate, you will usually receive a deal on your ‘ outstanding’ balance. With this running afterwards, you will earn a percentage of the money that you have designated by the poker room through your affiliate, which is called your rakeback. This percentage is differs for every poker room and is subject to some procedures set forth by the poker room. Some of these poker rooms will transfer the money from your affiliate account directly into your real money poker account, while others will give your rakeback directly into your online poker account.

How Much Can You Make with Rakeback?

The amount of money that you can make with rakeback is essentially endless. However, the standard maximum rakeback deals are usually between 30% and 40%. The more you play, the more you will obviously make since the more you are consuming the rakeback deals. However, you do not pay a fee for rakeback and therefore you can end up spending more than you rake. Since play in a poker site incurs a regular volleyballager, you can make a lot of money if you have a particularly good and profitable week.

You are advised to learn more about poker affiliate programs than to attempt to sign up directly with the poker sites. When you are assured about the quality of a poker affiliate program, you will have a better understanding about how you can make the money with rakeback deals. Rather than going directly to the poker site, you can consider researching about the best poker affiliate programs.