Enjoy The Sizzling Scorpions Online Casino

I still remember the time, when I used to watch the famous Disney show called the Aladdin and I was so fond of it that I used to forget even about the lunch and dinner. The show was used to telecasted in the evening 6 pm and I used to sit in front of it an hour before the time.

Well, the mystic stories of the deadly desert of Arab used to fascinate me like nothing ever did. And today I will be talking about this desert themed online casino slot that I have been playing since I saw the TV show, when my kid was watching it few days back.

It all started, when few days back I came back home from office and I saw my kid watching the same TV show and that lightened me to search and play the slot that is somewhat based on the same theme and the closest one that I got was the Sizzling scorpions. And coming to the specs of the game, it is a 3 reel, single pay line game based on a desert theme and offers a bonus game, auto play feature, but there is also a con which is not having wild symbols.

So, after knowing all necessary points about the slot i finally played it with the free spins I got as it’s always better to get the free trial of the game with the free play option. And if you are playing it nice and feel thoroughly comfortable, then only you should opt for the real money version, and that’s exactly what I did and won some real money as well in the last.

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