All kinds of slot machines to play

Most people look at the wide range of online casino gaming machines and think they are the same. You will see the handle, the coin pocket, the blinking lights, and the drawing, but not all machines are the same, and the way to separate one machine from another is to learn to “read” the machine, looking at the sales plan in the front of.

All the gaming machines can be divided into two main groups: classic and video. Every good online casino has at its disposal at least a few dozen online machines. The online gaming machines are different and each year brings new solutions, attractions, additional features, and devices. Despite this, the best casinos try to make each player find something for himself.

Initially, classic online gaming machines and video machines were based on different technologies, so new gaming machines that use special software instead of mechanical batteries are called online video slots, and gaming machines of three older reels: classic slot machines.

Currently, the main difference lies in the different number of drums. However, regardless of the fact, on the Internet, you can find a classic slot machine and a 3D video machine. In addition, you can play free slot machines even without registering.

Classic machines

These are the machines that on the screen of your computer try to reproduce traditional and old machines that could be found long ago in casinos or physical bars. His model is based on physical machines, which are set in motion by means of a lever. It is worth remembering that, despite the traditional look and feel of the game, the “classic” machines offered online often have bonuses and modern attractions, symbols or additional bonus games.

Video machines

It is the largest and most popular group of online machines, which is usually the main offer of online casinos, along with classic casino games such as blackjack or roulette. Video machines in their appearance resemble more or less classical machines but are based on modern graphics and computer animation, which often deviates from the classic scheme of spinning reels.

Of course, the basic principle of operation remains unchanged with a row in front of vertical columns with symbols and a set of horizontal lines, which after organizing the appropriate symbols give them a victory. A characteristic feature of modern online machines is the fact that line profits are becoming less important, and all additional attractions placed on the machine play an increasingly important role.

Modern video machines usually have a large number of lines, from 10 to 100, and low rates per line: from a penny to more. More and more, their subjects are famous people from the world of cinema, sports or videogames. Each casino and software provider has at least several slot machines enriched with movie sequences or expanding computer animations that accompany bonus games or larger winnings.

Progressive machines

They are basically regular video machines but offer a progressive jackpot, that is, a cumulative super gain, which is “built” by all the players in a given operator’s network (often they are players from more than a dozen casinos different that use the same software). It is very similar to the accumulation in a lottery: every turn in a particular machine, a small part goes to the reserve (boat) and the rest is destined to payments for the player.

The person who wins the jackpot can win a sum that will change his life because the jackpots in popular casinos can reach several million.

Online gaming machines

They are casino gaming machines in which special software is used instead of mechanical drums with images. The online gaming machines are themed games with an original soundtrack, interesting animation, bonus games, and additional screens. In addition to these gaming machines, there are also progressive casino machines.

The most popular online slot machines are 5-reel slots. These are usually themed online slot machines that offer players several bonus games.

Online slot machines with 5 reels have a greater number of pay lines than classic 3-reel slot machines; your number can vary from 50 to 100. Free reels and bonus rounds, as well as an additional screen and the opportunity to increase profits, among the 5-reel slot machines, you can easily find a progressive jackpot game machine.

Currently, free slot machine games are the most popular because they allow you to enjoy the game completely free.

Thematic slot machines

Castle Builder is your chance to become a gentleman. The online game is on the stage of the medieval kingdoms and brings it to the Middle Ages thanks to great game play and icons very well designed as princesses, princes, and kings.

This new slots game also gives you the opportunity to build a castle and start your own empire. The more precious materials (bronze, silver or gold) you can collect, the higher the value of the castle.

Game of Thrones slots is a 5-reel; a 3-line machine with 25 lines to win and has 243 ways to win. This impressive and visually rich game is characterized by several possible levels to play and a multiple of wins.

Dragon’s Myth is gaming machines that you cannot miss, with an interesting story, play to defeat four terrifying dragons, Slot machines based on legends such as King Arthur’s epic story was the inspiration for several popular video machines.

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